Hello, My name is Corey Lewis.

I take pride in my ablility to produce almost any style you're seeking, but I tend to do my best work when given creative freedom. With consideration to your "must haves" I'll make you a tattoo that is custom-made for you and I appreciate any client that lets me do so.

Current projects that I'm especially interested in are; anything neo-traditional, animals, creatures, portraits, flowers, fruit, crystals, bugs, plants, etc.


"A picture is a poem without words "


I'm so thankful to do what i love for a living.

art has been a huge part of my life.

I genuinely work hard to produce work that you will be proud to hang in your office, home, or even wear on your skin. thank you for all the support over the years, stay tuned for whats next!

My History

    I'm 27 years old, born and raised in Metro-Detroit, I make a living tattooing at the well-renowned Eternal Tattoos in Livonia, MI.
    I've been intrested in art since a very young age and decided well before I finish school that tattooing would build my future. I did my first tattoo in 2006 and started tattooing full time in 2009.
    Since then, I've explored various mediums; which have influenced my artwork as a whole. Working hard to be proficient at many different styles of tattooing, I continuing to learn everyday. I'm currently focused on portraits in oil paint and have some exciting plans lined up. I am constantly inspired by the diligent artists in this industry and what they produce on a daily basis.

  Corey Lewis

  • I always use the highest grade equipment and supplies
  • anything you purchase from me will be archival quality
  • I'm truely thankful for your support